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Hi friends! Welcome to our very first blog post!

We hope to use this space to talk about the fun, the stress, and the beauty of all things weddings. 

I’m Shivani! Salud has been on my mind for a few years, but I never had the courage to put my idea out there and see what happens….until now.

My story starts back to when I was a little girl being raised in a loving family with over 200 people. With that big of a family, you can only imagine how many events I would attend every month! I quickly learned my passion was connected to bringing people together. I always thought my dream was to be a wedding planner so I started my own wedding planning company and became obsessed with solving complicated problems and pushing my creative limits.

Fast forward to 2017,  my friends were getting engaged and they all seemed…stressed! I’m sure it would have helped if they had a wedding planner, but the cost of a planner was sometimes 10 – 20% of their entire budget. 

 It’s almost crazy how the only people who are true experts in planning weddings are wedding planners..since most people only plan one wedding in their lifetime.

I knew there had to be a different way to plan. One that was budget friendly, quicker, and based on REAL relationships.

It wasn’t until graduate school that I met Annie and Hayley, my fellow cofounders, who helped start Salud as a class project. Together, we quickly moved Salud from a project to reality and we build and learn every day. 

Yes, Salud is a subscription service that lets you email a wedding planner.

It’s also so much more than that. 

“It’s a lasting relationship with someone you can trust.”

Salud gives you time to enjoy the things you love most because you know someone is working on your question the moment you hit send on that email to your planner.

We’re still currently in Beta as we perfect our service for you, but check back soon to see what else we’ll be chatting about in this space!

P.S. if you’ve gotten this far and would love to be one of our testers, we would be so thankful for your feedback. Just CLICK HERE to sign up and get your discount code to your inbox for a free trial!

Salud (Cheers!)

Shivani Kothari, CEO & Cofounder of Salud

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