Seating Chart Tips You Need To Know

Seating Chart Tips You Need To Know

Have you ever Googled “wedding seating chart” before? We have. There’s thousands of results about all the pretty ways to make a seating chart. Instead, today we’re talking about what you should think about before the pretty details come into play.

Seating chart sign on mirror
Photo by Justine Castle; Planning & Design by Trace Events; Mirror & Florals: Twigs & Branches Floral; Calligraphy by MB Calligraphy

1. Guide your guests

Most guests find out what table they’re going to be sitting at during cocktail hour. Figure out a way to provide a diagram of the room so your guests know where to go once those doors open. If you’re not crazy about the diagram, include some general direction with a personal note on the back of their name card! This can be a right, left, or even which door is the best to walk through if your reception space has multiple entrances. This is especially important for larger wedding venues when you’re on a strict timeline.

2. Know your audience

You want your guests to have fun celebrating with you. First, look at the layout and think about who you’ve placed where. For example, would your friends not mind sitting next to the DJ? Do you need to place the kids table closer to an exit or an open space? While you can’t please everyone, going through this exercise will help the majority of your guests enjoy the night.

3. Avoid the awkwardness if you can

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about grouping people who don’t know each other at the same table. Try to make sure each person knows at least one other person at the table (besides their date!). If this isn’t possible, you can give someone a heads up or place people together who have something in common.

Seating chart sign for wedding
Photo by Rosy and Shaun; Coordination by Trace Events

Do you have any other tips you’d love to share with other brides? Shoot us a message here and we’ll share it on our story!

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