2020 Predictions: The Wedding Edit

2020 Predictions: The Wedding Edit

Happy new year friends – and congratulations if you received a pretty little sparkler over the holidays! With each new year comes the feeling of excitement as new wedding trends unfold. Since we’re still early on in January, we thought it would be fun to share our 2020 predictions for what wedding trends we expect to see this year!

1. Kissing White Goodbye

We think we’re going to see even more people moving away from traditional white wedding dresses. 2020 is about originality and expression, so brides may opt to even wear a traditional dress for the ceremony and then change into a pop of color for the reception. Towards the end of 2019, we also saw many wedding dress brands introducing wedding gowns in off whites and soft pastels. We love this one from David’s Bridal – it looks off white indoors, but more of a blush outside!

2. The Greener, The Better

Couples are going to be more conscious about the waste they create as they make decisions. For example, will their flowers go to waste? Can they get rid of straws at cocktail hour? With couples trying to plan more eco friendly weddings, comes the rise of a new category of green wedding vendors. Companies like Bloomerent created an online flower sharing marketplace so couples can share their wedding flowers with other couples in the same city.

Small arrangement of pink flowers

3. Love at First Bite

One of our 2020 predictions had to be about dessert (obviously). The variety in desserts only continues to grow. This is a trend that started a few years ago and will carry over from 2019 into this year. While traditional wedding cakes are still cut and served, we think couples will continue to get creative with what else they serve for dessert. Think cheese, latte art, home made pies, and more!

Woman holding tray of pink donuts
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