What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

Defining The Term

First, let’s start with what they do. Well, it’s kind of in the phrase itself but a wedding coordinator is responsible for making sure all the details you’ve planned for your wedding come together seamlessly. He or she will help with finalizing details and will be on site working behind the scenes with your vendors. You may also hear them referred to as month of coordinators, or day of coordinators.

Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

It’s pretty common these days for venues to provide an onsite venue coordinator. You might be thinking, “Great! So do I still need a wedding coordinator?” The answer is..YES. Think about it this way. The venue coordinator works solely for the venue, while your wedding coordinator works for you. The venue coordinator will make sure everything the venue is supposed to supply is there like clean bathrooms, enough tables, chairs, etc. Your wedding coordinator will oversee all the setup and make sure everything is put together exactly how you want, and will even be there to help you with things like at what moment to walk down the aisle! If you already have a wedding planner, he or she may also do your wedding coordination.

What Will My Wedding Coordinator Do For Me?

If you don’t have a wedding planner from early on, expect to start working with your coordinator anywhere from 1 – 2 months before wedding day all the way up to the end of the wedding. Some typical tasks include:

  • Creating your wedding day timeline
  • Confirming the agreed upon details with all your booked vendors
  • Overseeing setup for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception
  • Helping you with creating final floor plans
  • Acting as the “go to” person for your vendors (huge plus! you don’t want to be bothered on your wedding day)
  • Working with your wedding party telling them where to go and when
  • Making sure the day is running on schedule

Fun fact: Many of our event specialists also do wedding planning and coordination. To connect with one of our specialists for some extra wedding planning help, just click here.

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